Where’s the white coat?

When you arrive for your appointment at Victory Physicians you will see many things. The one thing you will not see is a doctor in a white coat. This is not something new. It goes back all the way to medical school. Dr. Arian was the first medical student to be permitted to NOT wear a white coat at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. At that time he protested the wearing of white coats eventually convincing the administration that he was philosophically opposed to the use of white coats by physicians and was thus exempted. White coats he insists raise blood pressure and heart rates in some patients, create barriers to true empathy, and are potentially unsanitary. His view has not changed over the years.

We wear daily laundered scrubs to decrease the chance of spreading infection. Several studies of white coat use in medical practices have been undertaken in the literature all showing that white coats are not laundered daily in most offices and are a vector for disease. Furthermore, white coat syndrome is a familiar entity well characterized in the literature and often seen in routine medical practice whereby a patient’s vital signs are abnormal because of the stress of being in a doctors office exacerbated by the white coat. Dr. Arian’s suspicions have become well founded. So excuse the fact we don’t wear slick white coats. Its all done to better serve you !!!

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