Office Policies, Rules, Etiquette

Office Policies and Procedures

The following policies and procedures constitute “standard operating procedures” for Frank Arian, M.D., a California Professional Corporation doing business as Victory Physicians.


  • We do not accept walk-ins at this new location. We must know that a patient is coming.
  • Appointments must be made by speaking to a staff member. Requests by email, phone message, notes slid under the door, or patient portal messaging among others are requests and are not actual appointments until confirmed by a staff member.
  • To cancel an appointment you must speak directly with a staff member by office phone. You may not page Dr. Arian to cancel an appointment. Thus, cancellations must be made during regular business hours.
  • You must cancel your appointment no less than 24 hours before your appointment time. Should a holiday or office vacation interfere with our being notified, the benefit of the doubt will go to the patient.
  • If you fail to give our office notice of your appointment cancellation ie. a “no-show”, we assess without exception a $85.00 “no-show” fee with one exception permitted for all patients. No-show fees are not billable to insurance. They are billed direct to the patient and are an out-of-pocket expense. If there is interference with cancellation by our posted holiday schedule, benefit of the doubt will go to the patient. Patients who fail to pay their No-show fees within 30 days lose their privilege to make advanced appointments and are offered leftover slots when available the same day as calling usually at the end of the day.
  • Patients will be on time for their appointments. We run on time for appointments barring the rarest of emergencies. In fact we are often ahead of schedule. We are not like other offices. If you are late for your appointment you will be rescheduled and assessed a “no-show” fee.
  • Our office is entirely electronic. Should our server go down, so do the phones and faxes. Should this occur, appointments can be cancelled without notice. In this case we have no way to access who is on our schedule, what their contact numbers are, or to call them. The only way to contact us is via the Doctor’s pager but that number will be inaccessible as it resides on the patient portal. We will not assess no-show fees in the case of office emergency. We will post our outage as early as we are able on our website under the heading “System Status”. Because this is maintained by an unrelated entity, there can be a delay in notification of varying lengths.
  • For special circumstances, the doctor will allow Skype visits. This must be arranged with the doctor and is only offered to established patients. Skype visits require a patient Skype account, a high definition camera, and a set of headphones.
  • Prior to your office visit, we recommend you visit our website at It has information about our practice, you will find very helpful.


  • When you arrive to the office kindly sign in and have a seat. Our first priority is to discharge the prior patient. We will call you when we are ready to start your intake.
  • If you have any symptoms of a respiratory infection such as cough, cold, congestion, runny nose, sore or scratchy throat, we will ask you to put a mask on and alcohol your hands. Please do so promptly. We practice rigorous infection control.
  • We require 2 forms of identification to register. One of those must be a picture I.D issued from the government and examples include a driver’s license, state I.D. card, or passport for example.
  • If you are an insured patient, you will need to have your health insurance card with you and eligibility verified by our staff electronically at the time of visit.
  • If you are pregnant, please notify our staff at the time of registration.
  • If you have a rash, please notify our staff immediately after signing in and we will direct you further.
  • Our paperwork is very thorough and patients are often overwhelmed. It’s actually much simpler than it appears. The largest document is the standard privacy notice that all offices distribute. The two crucial documents you need to really read front to back are our registration form and billing policy. The registration form gives us the crucial identification and contact information to run your case. Fill out as much information as you can. It could save your life. The billing policy governs how your account will be settled and you will be held to the terms of that agreement. Our billing policy has been refined after great trial and error. We hold all patients to this policy equally and its terms are not negotiable. We are always open to constructive criticism and changes in the long run are at the discretion of the partners.


  • Uninsured self-pay patients are required to pay prior to intake.
  • Insured patients are held to the terms of the billing policy. We will bill your insurance as a courtesy. This is a form of credit we extend you. If you have been delinquent on payments in the past, you will be asked to pay your co-insurance up front.
  • All insured patients with a co-pay must pay co-pay prior to intake.
  • We accept the usual credit cards, cash, check, money orders, cashiers checks, travelers checks. Checks must meet our criteria for acceptance and the front desk assistant will provide those details.
  • We accept travelers insurance but do not bill this as a courtesy. Due to delays in payment up to 1.5 years, we provide the patient a super-bill. The patient can then bill their own travelers insurance and compensation by the insurance company is much more rapid. Payment is thus expected in full prior to your visit.
  • Any patient who writes an insufficient funds check to us regardless of explanation, will no longer be able to pay via check.
  • We do not offer payment plans at this time.
  • All cash pay patients receive a “quick pay discount” which allows us to deviate from the insurance reimbursement scale. This saves a cash pay patient a fortune.

Waiting Room

  • Our office has a zero tolerance policy for patients who conduct themselves inappropriately. Our staff will not tolerate verbal or physical threats, bullying, profanity, discriminatory comments, extortion, blackmail, or just plain meanness or rudeness. Behaving in any of these manners or any other intuitively inappropriate manner is the single fastest way to be suddenly looking for a new medical office to serve you. We respond very well to kindness. Please embrace this.
  • Our office is a safe zone from domestic violence, sexual abuse, discrimination and bullying.
  • Our office features artifacts of WWII Home Front propaganda from Dr. Arian’s collection that at times have strong propaganda themes. These themes are in no way aligned with any of our personal beliefs. We feature these artifacts to teach tolerance in the direct light of our intolerant past.
  • No weapons are permitted in our office at any time.
  • No eating or drinking is permitted in our office at any time. We will ask you to go put your food items and beverages in your vehicle while you are being seen
  • No perfumes, colognes or pets are allowed in our office. Many of our patients have severe allergies to these and we cannot permit them.
  • No cell phone conversations are permitted in our office. If you need to conduct your personal affairs, kindly step outside and do so. While in our office we expect all electronic devices including cell phones to be silenced.
  • Our magazines may not be taken out of the office. They are for the enjoyment of all our patients. Often times they have been purchased with our doctors’ personal funds. Also, many of our magazines are not appropriate for children. We expect you to watch and manage your children’s behavior.
  • All patients with respiratory symptoms must mask up and alcohol hands while in our waiting room.
  • Please allow our staff to concentrate on their work. Please do not make idle chat with our front desk staff. They have a job with awesome life and death responsibilities. You would not want them working on your case while being distracted by a waiting patient.


  • You will be called and led into “sick bay” by the physician or medical assistant.
  • We take a photograph of all patients during the intake process. This allows the physician to put a face with a name and get to know his patients’ names much more rapidly.
  • We take routine vital signs on all patients including their weight. Should you wish to refuse any or all of them say so and we will honor your refusal and chart this as so.
  • We expect you to know what medications you are on and your dosages. Do not come to our office without knowing this information. The chances of a bad outcome increase exponentially.
  • We expect you to know what medications you are allergic to. Be very specific.
  • We routinely separate partners, friends, family and spouses on intake. Once in the exam room, the doctor will ask permission to bring in these persons if the patient so desires.

Exam Room

  • No cell phones are permitted in our exam rooms. Kindly place your cell phone in the wall mounted holder before you enter and retrieve it when you are discharged. You may keep a tablet or kindle type device so long as it is silenced.
  • No photographs, recording or transcription is permitted in our office. We do not in any way consent to these. If you cannot comply, go find another doctor.
  • No one is allowed to touch the laptop computer that the doctor maintains in the exam room. If a person is found touching that computer they will be terminated as a patient on the spot.
  • We chaperone all breast exams, pelvic exams, rectal and prostate exams, and genital exams. You have the right to refuse a chaperone but they must at least be present in the room behind the curtain.
  • Freedom of speech is constitutionally protected in our exam rooms. You may speak freely in our exam room about what concerns you. A reminder that we are required to report domestic violence, child abuse, elder abuse and certain medical conditions that are a public health concern. We take our mandated reporting requirements very seriously and you cannot negotiate our silence once these issues have been mentioned.
  • At times our physician may use personal anecdote to make a point. It is also possible that you may glean information about our physician in the course of a routine office visit that concerns his personal life. Our physician does not consent to the use of his personal information outside of the office of Victory Physicians. Just as your personal information is protected, so is his.
  • You have the right to stop an interview or exam at any time as do we.

Coordination of Care

  • We guarantee prescriptions will be filled within 72 hours of a request with the exception of planned office closures. Plan accordingly. We reserve the right to require an office visit for a refill at the clinical discretion of our physician.
  • We do not refill narcotics. All narcotic prescriptions require an office visit.
  • For controlled substances such as Ambien, Xanax, Ativan and Testosterone, we will not prescribe more than 90 days. An office visit and reevaluation will be required after 90 days.
  • All patients are required to read the drug inserts of all prescribed medications and ask questions they have to the pharmacist of physician. Patients are responsible for the information contained in the drug inserts.
  • We offer immediate care services, primary care services and coordinated primary care services. Immediate care patients are not entitled to refills of medications nor continuing follow up for a prior visit by phone. Immediate care patients will be required to have an office visit to address their concerns. We do not follow and are not responsible for routine preventive screening and maintenance issues. Coordinated primary care patients will have information exchanged with another physician at patient request subject to faxing and printing fees where applicable.
  • Our website is a crucial tool for all patients in our practice. We expect all patients to visit our website once a month to review any new policies or procedures or any other information such as planned office closures. We hold all patients responsible for the information contained on our website. The section on Preventive Screening should be carefully reviewed by all patients.
  • Our patient portal is an important tool in coordinating care. Primary care patients are web enabled and are provided a password and user name to gain access to their chart. Any problems should be addressed with our front office staff.
  • The doctor’s pager number is posted on the introduction page of the patient portal. Guidelines for its usage are also posted. The doctor reserves the right to limit or stop the use of his pager by any patient that does not adhere to these guidelines.
  • We admit all of our hospital bound patients through the Emergency Department to our Hospitalist Group. We do not do our own hospital work. We try but do not guarantee we will be able to visit you in the hospital. The physician and/or staff try to call and check in with all hospitalized patients. If you are having problems with the care in the hospital, we encourage you to call us in the office as we may be able to help.
  • If we refer you to consultants, we will make the initial referral. It is then the patients responsibility to be sure that consult is executed. If for some reason there is a problem that develops and the consult is stalled, we expect the patient to notify us. If for some reason the patient wishes a different referral once scheduled, we will expect the patient to arrange that, execute the consult and forward us the clinical notes.
  • The physician is sometimes available after hours or weekends for appointments. Please arrange in advance.


  • While we are very flattered to be invited to our patients’ various social functions all of which we are thankful for and appreciate, we uniformly turn down these invitations. It is our experience that this optimizes clinical outcomes.
  • We ask very kindly that our patients not bring us gifts. Your continued patronage and referrals are the most sincere form of gratitude that we could possibly ask for.
  • We do not date or have sex with patients. It makes us very uncomfortable when patients use sexual innuendo during the course of a visit. We ask that you kindly refrain from such behavior.
  • We do not like to discuss our sexual orientation, relationships, religion, habits, vices or any other personal matters. Please do not ask us. If we volunteer such information, it remains personal and may not be distributed in any form outside the office environment.


  • We do not guarantee, promise or imply outcomes as a result of our care nor does any other physician. We do guarantee that we will meet the “standard of care”.

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