The WWII Home Front Museum

Victory Physicians was originally conceived and built out as a a WWII Home Front Museum within which a doctor’s office operated. Showcasing over 3000 framed pieces of wartime propaganda, all doors and walls were covered ceiling to floor with these framed artifacts in the two building we occupied. In the main lobby a glass show case featured propaganda figurines, banks, vases and other three dimensional artifacts. A tour brochure was available to each patient which number coded each artifact with a brief historical explanation. Our original museum was nothing like anything anybody had ever seen.

The original museum was dismantled in 2010 when we closed that practice venue due to the recession and overhead which could not be managed. Victory Physicians moved into the current location in September 2010. Patients who had the privilege of seeing the other practice often ask where everything went. The answer is a simple one. It was moved back into Dr. Arian’s home and the center of his home, called the Victory Bar, showcases a collection even more spectacular than the one on display previously. While we do give tours to WWII veterans and their families, the museum is closed to public viewing for now. Here are some pictures from the Victory Bar for your enjoyment.

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