Desert Hospital Outpatient Pharmacy


We have become very unhappy with the performance of the local corporate chain pharmacies. We are seeing error after error, horrid customer service, mistruths, and ethical breaches. We can no longer standby and watch our patients treated in this way. We are requesting that all our patients give serious consideration to changing their pharmacy to Desert Hospital Outpatient Pharmacy, the finest pharmacy in the Coachella Valley. We guarantee their work.

All medical practices have a close relationship with a pharmacist as medication issues crop up frequently that need pharmacist level involvement. We selected Desert Hospital Outpatient Pharmacy as our preferred pharmacy back in 2007 and have maintained a close relationship with them since then. The pharmacy is owned by a pharmacist and his family and they look after their pharmacy like we look after our medical practice. It is a concierge level pharmacy without concierge prices just like our medical practice. Dr. Arian maintains a close on-call relationship with the owner and can solve the most complex pharmacy issues around the clock because of this relationship. Furthermore, because of the long relationship we maintain, Victory patients are treated with kid gloves. They offer home delivery for no charge, the nicest and highest trained staff in the valley, competitive prices and convenient parking.

There is no price, location, store hours, or fancy building that is worth the poor services that these massive corporate pharmacies render. You stay with Victory Physicians because you have come to see that the small business model is more efficient and of higher quality than the volume selected corporate business models. Pharmacies are no different. We ask that you please give this pharmacy a try. They are on our team and are the best in the biz.

We guarantee it!

Desert Hospital Outpatient Pharmacy
1180 N. Indian Canyon Dr #E140 Palm Springs, CA 92262
Telephone: (760) 323-1001

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