Cutting Medicare

Attention All Patients
Medicare is facing a 32% cut effective December 31, 2012 which will affect all insured patients. Write Congress now and tell them not to cut Medicare.

Don’t Just Pray for change; Move your feet!

Congress passed halt to doctor’s Medicare cut. 32% cut now faced 12/31/12. Write Congress and the President now. You will not be able to find a doctor in Palm Springs who takes Medicare if they cut it 32% and many offices will be forced to close.

You paid for it, You count on it, It is owed to you for all the years you put into making this country strong!

Please visit these two web sites. For more information on how you can stop this.

AARP – Tell Washington: Stop Cuts to Medicare and Social Security Benefits, click here


Contacting The Congress Web site, click here

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