Immediate Care

Immediate care patients are patients that are seen by appointment but often times on the same day. These same day appointments are on a space available basis and are not guaranteed. Many of our immediate care patients are patients who are unable to get in to see their regular doctors because there are no slots available and they feel they cannot wait. In addition many of our patients do not maintain a primary care physician or are visiting from out of town and have a problem oriented complaint that does not require following. We are happy to help solve their problems and our physicians background as an Emergency Physician makes him very effective in this regard. Immediate care patients do not have medical records accumulated from past physicians except as needed, nor is preventive screening is done or followed and we do not give refills of meds nor solve problems over the phone. Immediate care patients are expected to be seen in the office. That is what mainly differentiates immediate care from primary care. Many of our immediate care patients become our primary care patients after seeing how our office performs.