Primary Care

Primary care patients are followed through their lifetimes both in sickness and in health by their primary care physician in what has become known as cradle to grave service. Primary care physicians coordinate medical care with specialists both in and out of the hospital for their primary care patients. In addition, primary care physicians perform complete preventive screening for their primary care patients so that disease can be prevented or detected early. We gather records from prior physicians and hospitalizations, archive them, and forward them as necessary to consulting physicians or hospital physicians as required for proper care. We complete necessary paperwork for our patients like disability, DMV, and insurance forms. Finally, we address the important legal issues inherent to patient care including power of attorney for medical care, advanced directives, and physicians order for life sustaining treatment (POLST). We provide these services for our patients who have been selected to be our primary care patients. More importantly, we come to know our primary care patients and their families and the issues in their lives (and they even sometimes in our own lives) and create a well rounded picture of the person we are caring for which greatly improves overall patient care.