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Victory Physicians announces Sildenafil (Same Indredients as Viagra®) on sale for $2.00 per pill

Victory Physicians has been able to purchase genuine generic powder by the jar at incredibly reduced prices. This is genuine U.S. made, FDA approved sildenafil which we purchased as a powder and then had compressed into 20mg pills. It is the actual generic sildenafil and not a fake and guaranteed to be so by Dr. Arian. It is available only to patients of Dr. Arian at Victory Physicians and will be purchased from and dispensed by us. Grab it while we have it. Retail prices at local pharmacies are $36.00-$40.00 per pill. We are charging only $2.00 per pill. That’s right, 2 bucks each. While they last. Call for info or come in….

Phone: 760-327-8755

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